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Industrial Engraving – Metron-Eledyne

Testimonial – Metron Eledyne

Metron-Eledye is a division of Hubbell Limited and is a leading global provider of custom control products, Fire Pump Control Systems, packaged pumping systems and power distribution equipment. These are sprinkler systems on a big scale and mainly used in the petro-chemical industry.

Viking Signs produce all the engraved panels for the machines they manufacture – every one customised and many specialist products. Viking also produces all Metron’s safety warning labels and company logo labels.

Lee Hewerdine is the Purchase Manager at Metron-Eledyne

“It’s easier to say what I don’t like about Viking Signs – and that’s

“We love the fact that Viking are based in our home town, but that’s because we have all the benefits of a local business coupled with the mindset of a much bigger organisation. In fact, we have gone from using a bigger out-of-town company to using Viking because they’re just so good. Viking has big business vision and can’t be beaten in terms of speed, responsiveness and flexibility. In fact, I think being local almost works against them in this area. People tend to take them for granted but actually we’re lucky to have a producer of such quality nearby”

“9 out of 10 times we can get orders delivered on the same day.”

On a scale of 0-10, Viking score at least 9.5 in terms of responsiveness. This is one of the biggest reasons we are so happy working with them. On smaller orders, we can put in a request in the morning and get the goods delivered that same afternoon. We’re always given realistic lead times which is helpful for planning, but more often than not, Viking can exceed these with amazing responsiveness.”

“Speed is one thing but we need accuracy and efficiency too – and we
get it.”

“There’s nothing worse than having to send an order back because it’s not quite right – it holds up our production schedule and it’s time consuming. What I like about Viking is that whilst they are responsive and very quick, they’re committed to accuracy and obviously have an efficient system in place because the product is invariably good – and at a great price too. When I order something I always get just what I wanted. I can count on one hand the number of errors we’ve had in the past 5 years – and most of them are our fault. Perhaps it’s their engineering background that’s created a very professional operation which reliably yields great results.”

“It’s great working with a company who are willing to adapt and change
their processes to make things work better for us.”

“We use a particular type of fascia plate on 4/5ths of our panels. At the moment we have to use two manufacturers – one to make the aluminium plate and one to make the moulded plastic label. About 2 years ago we came to Viking and asked them if they could do the lot but they didn’t have the capacity to do metalwork. In the meantime though, they’ve branched out to do just that and it’s exactly what we’re looking for. We’re still negotiating how it will work but already I know we’ll save money and it’s always more cost effective to keep assembly in one place.”

“Manufacturing on demand is the biggest benefit with Viking – the
product’s as good as there is, but customisation is key.”

“At first it was hard to believe a company could make something from scratch and deliver it as quickly as another could take it off the shelf, but Viking has proved it can. Their system of manufacture on demand has been the one thing that’s really worked for us. It’s just one less concern for me – not having to worry about changes. In fact, often our customers come in for witness testing and change their mind. Now I know that if they tell us early enough in the morning, we can get those changes ordered and made by Viking and show them the revised product later that day. I just can’t fault that system.”

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