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Shop wraps – a way to keep Grantham looking fresh

Grantham Shop Wrap replaces Bargain Booze

Grantham has a vibrant and successful high street.   Unlike many high streets  in the country there is a very high level of occupancy.  But it is a natural part of commerce that some businesses move out, while others move in.

There is a danger that if a high street has too many empty shops it can encourage vandalism and lead to a decline in the area.  People stop visiting, sales go down and more shops fail.

Broken Window theory  was developed by psychologists Wilson & Kelling.  They observed that areas with grafitti or broken windows encouraged more graffiti and more vandalism.  They left a car in a run down area and in less than an hour it was being stripped for parts.  In another the car sat for a week untouched, before the experimenters took a sledge-hammer to the car.

The opposite is also true.  By tidying up an area behaviour improves, real-estate values improve and business gets better.

Viking Signs were very pleased to be asked to support a scheme wrapping empty shops in Grantham.  The scheme will help keep Grantham looking fresh, will stop the broken window’s effect and we hope to be fitting a new sign for the new occupants soon.


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