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Testimonial – Newark Showground

Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society is a not for profit organisation who own and run the Newark Showground and put on one of the biggest agricultural events in the UK: the Newark and NottinghamshireCounty Show.

Several years ago, NNAS embarked on a rebranding exercise and employed Viking Signs to create new signage to reflect that.

Una-Marie Palin is PA to the Chief Executive.

It was industry recommendation that led us to partner with Viking Signs.

“Three years ago we began our rebranding exercise. We hired a third party consultant and a creative design agency and after a year’s work on the project, this agency recommended we work with Viking Signs to strengthen our rebrand with signage.”

How Viking turned our idea on its head and created our new sign logo.

“When we started working with Darren, we had decided on our colours and generic logo and I suggested we keep with tradition and use the charity logo on our signage. However, I was keen to give it a modern twist in line with our new brand. Darren literally knocked the image on its side and cropped it – and suddenly we had a fresh look that really worked on our buildings.

I knew when I started working with Darren that he had a lot of engineering expertise but I was surprised at the creative input he gave us too. Viking Signs helped hugely with the design and concept of our signage and it’s given us a level of service I wasn’t expecting which is very impressive. I enjoy working with Darren and his team because I know I can go to him with an idea and he will help improve it.”

“I don’t always know what I want, but I always know what I don’t want! I ask his advice, he comes back with a design and it’s usually pretty spot-on.”

One of the most successful parts of the rebrand has been a vinyl engraved logo which we’ve used on all the glass in each building. I’d seen it used in restaurants and explained it to Darren. He knew what I meant and he tweaked our designs to make it work. It’s like a sticker you put on the glass which looks like an etching and it’s really economical and very impactful. We have a multitude of buildings on Newark Showground that events are run from, so this vinyl engraving on the glass really helps to link them all together. We’ve had a lot of comments since the rebrand from people saying they get a clearer picture of how the charity runs.”

The sign for our new Bistro has already paid for itself in less than 2 years.

“Darren designed the sign for our new Bistro. We have several kitchens on our site but our biggest exhibition hall didn’t have one so we built one in the corner and called it the Bistro. The Bistro was definitely worth doing – it’s paid for itself within the 2 years we’ve had it. The signage is impressive – it’s a huge building and you can see the sign as soon as you walk in the door. I’m sure that’s helped to attract people over to the restaurant too. Because it’s such a successful marketing tool, we don’t allow people hiring
the hall to cover up the sign – it’s that important to us. It’s a visible signal to people which has helped to boost the success of the restaurant.”

“I’ve found everyone at Viking really easy to work with. They’re also very patient. By nature of the fact we’re a charity, our processes are time consuming. At this year’s County show, they were literally installing the day before as we just couldn’t give them the go ahead any sooner – but it’s never a problem. The office is so friendly and turn-around times are so quick.

The other benefit is that our orders always come out exactly as expected. We’re usually pretty accurate with our requests but Viking have never made a mistake. It’s great to lean on their expertise in the field at times too. We commissioned a sign on the A46 to advertise forthcoming events and it was so successful, we wanted to increase the size but I wasn’t sure how big it
should be. Darren was great in advising me of the best size, but also worked really hard to reuse and re-site parts of the original order which created two more smaller “forthcoming event” signs and saved us a bit of money too.

Viking aren’t necessarily the cheapest but I believe you do get value for money. Quotes are always realistic but often the team will go the extra mile to include extras or collaborate closely during the manufacturing process. I think it’s so important to choose a company you can build a relationship with. As a charity, with a limited budget, we do have to justify the way we spend money and I feel it’s absolutely justified because working with Viking is both easier, more efficient and the results more impactful.”

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