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Safety Signs

Safety Signs

We have developed a sister site specifically to handle orders for UK & EC health EN7010 compliant health, safety, warning, fire & no smoking signs in the following categories:

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Safety Signs

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No smoking signs
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If these are the type of safety signs you need please visit:

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like a personalised, custom version of any of the safety signs you’ve seen, please contact us. We are very happy to design and produce custom versions of all of the safety signs available. We can add your logo and company name to construction site signs, or create a sign to cover a special site risk for which we don’t have a standard sign. There’s no minimum order quantity and the delivery times are the same as those for our standard products.

If you are an Employer you should already know that you have a legal duty to undertake a risk assessment relating to health and safety of your employees, contractors or visitors, and to provide safety signs on any workplace risk that is not satisfactorily controlled by other means. This is mandated by the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 and includes a duty to maintain any signs installed.

If you are an employee then almost certainly you will have come across safety signs of one type or another within your place of work. Some examples of the different types are explained below.

The term ‘safety sign’ includes various types of sign; these are different in appearance, shape and colour according to the nature of the sign:
prohibition safety sign Prohibition/Danger Signs: Tell you something you ‘MUST NOT DO’. They include a round symbol with a white background, red border and cross bar. Examples include: No Smoking, No Entry, No Naked Lights.
warning safety sign Warning Signs: Warn you of a hazard or danger. They include a triangular symbol with a yellow background and black border. Examples include: Deep Water, Forklift Trucks operating, Electricity, Toxic Substances.
mandatory safety sign Mandatory Signs: Tell you something you ‘MUST DO’. The symbols used are round with a solid blue background and white pictogram. Examples include: Hard hat Area, Keep Fire Doors Shut, Wash Your Hands, Fire Action.
fire equipment safety sign Fire Equipment Signs: Are used to mark and indicate the location of fire equipment. The symbols are white on a red background and denote the type of equipment. Examples include: Fire Extinguisher, Fire Point, Fire Hose.
safe condition safety sign Safe Condition Signs: Are used to mark the presence of safe exit routes or locations of safety equipment. Square or oblong white symbols are used on a green background. Examples include First Aid, Emergency/Fire Exit.

Whatever type of sign is used it must meet the requirements of the Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996. These regulations have helped standardise the way safety signs are used throughout the EU. By using pictograms, standardised colours and shapes the regulations have been very successful. This is especially important when the workforce in some UK industries may contain a large proportion of non-nationals. Even if these workers are not familiar with English they can usually determine what the signs mean. Employers with pipe work that contains dangerous substances; or storage of dangerous and/or hazardous substances on site, are also required to mark these with symbols or pictograms.

Good signage is only one aspect of an effective Health & Safety programme. It is not sufficient to put the signs up and do nothing else.

Increasingly Health and Safety officers are choosing to install photoluminescent safety signs – for relatively little extra cost, these provide the extra safety feature of permanent “glow in the dark” high visibility, without needing batteries or power connections. In a low light or smoke filled dangerous environment, this can make a valuable difference.

Fire Exit Signs

All of our fire exit signs are offered in to photo-luminescent (also known as glow in the dark or Nite Glo) which is an excellent upgrade – meaning that the signs can be seen even in low light or smoke filled conditions. A further alternative now offered is illuminated fire exit signs. From alow cost luminaire with a self adhesive universal sign legend or an illuminated fire exit sign to the EC92/58 design all available to purchase direct from

If you’d like a copy of our latest catalogue it can be downloaded directly from our safety signs ecommerce site as a pdf: safety sign supplies catalogue (4MB).

To learn more about the law relating to safety signs – you can find additional information on our “The Law of Safety Signs” page.